LOKI: new year opens new opportunities
Today's world is changing and evolving constantly. Tesla is probably the most dynamically developing automotive company among other manufacturers, and LOKI diagnostic tool keeps pace with it.
This January was a busy time: LOKI active updates and future plans.

1. At the end of December 2020, Tesla upgraded its firmware to the latest version 2020.48. This update improved navigation and user interface. Now, the number of available charging stations is displayed in figures instead of lightning bolt icons. Boombox entertainment feature became a Christmas surprise for Tesla owners – now the car can play out playlist tracks via external dynamics.

Right after this December upgrade, LOKI software has been updated as well. The users of Loki are already aware that diagnostic and maintenance features of LOKI that were announced are active and function properly.

2. In January, the developers of Loki introduced a new feature. From now on, connection through BroadR-Reach is all it needs to modify and edit Model 3 Config. No matter what MCU program version is installed, the removal and disassembling of a unit are no more required.

3. Right this week, our developers are ready to release another update – it will become possible to upgrade autopilot firmware versions 2.0, 2.5, and 3.0 through the use of LOKI.

4. In February, the Loki team expects to release a new plugin - LOKI Secured Config. This plugin will allow the customers to edit the following configurations of Tesla Model 3:

  • autopilot activation
  • performance activation
  • supercharger
  • change of country
  • premium connectivity activation

Would you like to learn more about LOKI functionality and updates? Call us or write to our chat on loki-tesla.com.